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LaVision‘s imaging and sensor systems provide market-driven measurement solutions for flow field imaging, combustion, spray and particle analysis and materials testing.

Our diagnostic instruments are based on optical techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Laser Induced Incandescence (LII), Light Scattering and Digital Image Correlation (DIC).

As a supplier of innovative (laser) imaging systems and optical sensors LaVision has established a strong reputation as a solution provider among its customers from various industrial and academic research fields.

Major application fields are in automotive, aerospace or power generation, e. g. for the development of more efficient and cleaner combustion processes. Multi-dimensional velocity fields in wind tunnels, flame temperature and composition, particle concentrations and diameters are measured in-situ with high temporal and spatial resolution. In process engineering our in-situ measurement methods are applied to analyze mixing processes in multiphase flows. Material testing benefits from our highly accurate non-contact measurement systems for deformation and strain measurements.


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Company Presentation

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Focus on Combustion - Optical Measurement Solutions


FlowMaster - Advanced PIV/PTV Systems for Quantitative Flow Field Analysis


Focus on Fluid Dynamics - Advanced Laser Imaging Solutions


Particle Master - Intelligent Imaging for Particle and Droplet Characterization


Shake-the-Box - Volumetric Particle Tracking at Highest Seeding Density


SprayMaster - Spray Imaging Systems for Quantitative Spray Analysis


Laser Imaging for Soot Measurements


Quantitative 3D Temperature Imaging


 EngineMaster inspex


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